* 1 ample portion of quality food and clean water lots of toys to expand and occupy their bodies & minds

* Regular visits to vet to insure a long healthy life

* Regular grooming sessions to keep their beautiful coats clean, healthy and shining

* 1 small portion of treats used only to reward them for a job well done

* A large portion of patience, and positive reinforcement

* Place all in a clean safe environment and baste with large portions of love and affections on a daily basis.

* This recipe should produce a lifetime of unending love, affection and devotion from 1 Happy, Healthy Puppy

Check out "Puppy Supplies" article!

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Annie's Litter

Annie's Girl #1

Annie's Girl #2

Annie's Male #1

Annie's Male #2

Lead Training :-)

All puppies are from the same combination... Click for the pedigree!

Funny pictures ;-))

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