Welcome to our home page. Thank you for taking a few minutes to stop by for a visit. I thought I would take a minute to tell you alittle about Shafer's Shih Tzu. I have been showing and raising this wonderful breed since 1983. In that time I have had the honor of owning, breeding, showing and meeting many lovely dogs. We are located in west central Illinois USA. I was lucky enough to be located not far from the Dragonfire kennel at the time I got interested in Shih Tzu. This is where the basic foundation of my breeding program came. Through the years I have added a few different bloodline in hopes of enhancing the quality of the dogs.

We strive hard to produce healthy happy puppies that make equally as good of companions as they do show dogs. This breed was intended to be companion animals and I feel that should be the utmost concern when producing a litter. I also feel the job doesn't end when the puppies leave my home. The support you give to pet owners as well and new show people is the most valuable thing you can give to the dog , the new owners and the breed as a whole. I don't know all the answers but if I do know I will be more than happy to share it. If I don't I will see if we can find out the answer some way.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here and will come back often to see what is new. Hope to have new pictures and some articles on dog care and grooming coming very soon.

A big thanks goes to Irena Nuc for building this home of mine on the web. Thanks Irena for a job well done. Be sure to check out her Agnesana Shih Tzu site too.

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